B.A. Studies - General information

The Honors Program requires the completion of 60 academic credits (as well as 60 additional credits from the student's second choice of study) as followed:

8 special courses exclusive to the "Ofakim" Honors Program (16 credits)
Participation in the program's research seminars (2 credits)
One foreign language (other than English and Hebrew) (2 credits)
Final research project at the end of the B.A. (6 credits)
Free choice of academic courses outside of the program (34 credits) 

All of the special courses exclusive to the Honors Program involve intensive reading and participation. A submission of a final paper is required in six of the eight courses, while in the other two it is possible to take a form of exam instead. It is highly recommended that students take as many special courses as possible in exchange for credits from outside the program.

The students are given a wide freedom to choose from the University's various departments and faculties, but this should be an informed choice. If necessary, assistance from the head of the program is offered in order to better direct the student and focus him/her on courses that will be beneficial for his/her personal future academic plans.

To complete their studies, students must graduate with a minimal final score of 86. Advancing from one year to the next is conditional to the completion of at least 14 credits a year (including at least 3 special courses) in a minimal average of 86. 
Students are required to learn a foreign language (other than English or Hebrew) for at least two semesters and are encouraged to further deepen their foreign language skills.
At the end of the 3rd year students will submit a final research project after presenting a summary in front of guests and other students in a special final seminar. The student must choose a professor from the university to guide his/her project by the end of the 2nd year.

Admission and registration:

Preparing material for the personal interview (in Hebrew)

Each year the program accepts up to 15 exceptional students with high SAT scores (or equivalents) which have passed a personal interview.
Students from other departments in the university who have already started their studies can still apply to the program and be accepted in their 2nd year. This is conditional to the number of places available and a personal interview, as well as meeting certain criteria of excellence. Students accepted to the 2nd year will have up to 20 academic credits accepted form their former department.

Registration to the program is part of the university's general registration procedure. Personal interviews are conducted in two rounds: the main round is at the end of May or at the beginning of June, and the second round is conducted mid-August or beginning of September, in accordance with the SAT exams.

Late registration is possible but only with the program's knowledge and approval.
Course registration Guidelines (in Hebrew)